2009 Team Roping Pairs

December 31, 2008 by

Every year the team roping pairs turns into a great season of reality TV soap opera drama.  So here it is, a short list of some pairings.  Let’s see how things progress and what unfolds……………….drum roll please……………….

Chad Masters roping with Micheal Jones

Jo Jo Lemond roping with Randon Adams

Kevin Daniel roping with Martin Lucero

Matt Sherwood roping with Rhein Richard

David Key roping with Marty Becker

Clay Tryan roping with Kory Koontz

Derick Begay roping with Cory Petska

Travis Tryan roping with Cesear De Le Cruz

Brady Tryan roping with Dennis Tryan

Luke Brown roping with Ryan Motes

Brandon Beers roping with Jade Corkill

Charly Crawford roping with Broc Cresta

Speed Williams roping with Clay O’brien Cooper

Joel Bach roping with Allen Bach

David Motes roping with Paul Eaves

email us at arenadirt@gmail.com and give us any updates.


2009….Times are changin’

December 30, 2008 by

Karl Stressman is leading the PRCA. The NCHA will no longer have amateur world finals in Amarillo and a new organization (NTRHA) is going to change the face of the team roping world. 2009 is sure to be a year to remember.

Rodeo Unleashed

December 30, 2008 by

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